Mary Welch is a life coach who works with clients seeking support to understand and successfully navigate the sacred, key relationships in their lives - including the one we have with ourselves/souls. 

Many of us enter therapy seeking deep change and end up disappointed. Why is this? Traditional therapy tends to take place at the level of the personality while transformational healing works on the level of the soul. Understanding the difference between the two and working with a practitioner who is aligned with the orientation of transformational, soul healing is life changing.

Finding the right healing practitioner is like finding the right pair of glasses: a new, clearer way of seeing becomes possible. And from this vantage point of seeing clearly and understanding our lives, real transformation is possible. When the old ways are no longer serving us and the desire to heal is activated, earnestly, then we long to be well met and safely supported so that we may explore our perceived limitations and push through toward actualization. This is the essence of Mary’s work. 


Mary comes from a multi-faceted background of training and personal experience which includes a 20 years long practice of Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation from the Theravadan Buddhist tradition, the launching of a successful entrepreneurial venture in her 30's and the journey of motherhood, marriage and divorce in the midst of it all. Mary has also studied Peruvian shamanism and aspects of the work of A.H. Almaas in The Diamond Approach. She has completed the Healer's Training program and an extended Mentorship Intensive with Elle Rosenthal, co-founder of Rising Fire and Coaching Cascadia. Mary is currently training with relationship expert Esther Perel through her Sessions program for therapists and coaches in NYC.


Mary lives in New York’s Hudson River Valley and is available as a life coach to private clients seeking a more profound and reliable approach to the kind of issues which may have felt unresolvable in the past under traditional therapeutic treatment.

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