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Guided Meditation Mary Welch Soul Coach
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Here is the most important thing for you to know:


You are the sky.

Everything else is the weather.

Pema Chodron 

So... what is ANXIETY?

The definition of anxiety is:

the body’s response to a perceived threat.

Anxiety believes something is wrong

and wants to warn us about it.

The problem is, anxiety is always concerned

about a future threat. And it pulls its

data to assess the threat from the past.

Anxiety doesn’t know how to exist in the present moment.

But we do.

And being present in the present moment is

where our true protection lies. Not in lurching between

future threats and past, wounded experiences.

What does your anxiety want to tell you?

As we allow ourselves to reset through breathing

exercises and meditation, we are able to

define, consciously, what the nature of our experience

with anxiety actually is. We are able to stop identifying,

unconsciously, with our anxiety and as we do so,

our relationship with it radically shifts. 


With greater inner freedom,

we can regard anxiety with curiosity and compassion.


In a calm moment, invite your anxiety to speak to you.

You can do this by sitting in private meditation, asking out loud:

“What are you worried about?”

“What is it you want me to know?”

Then listen for the answer within.

Or you can also do the same exercise with a pen and paper.

Ask the question by writing it down and then wait for the

answer to write itself in response.


If a sky identifies with the storm clouds, there is no

space where one ends and the other begins.

If the sky knows itself as the container holding

a vast range of experiences and circumstances,

it can be a thing of peace and steadfastness.

Untarnished by whatever is passing through.

The aim, is not to eradicate anxiety, but to transform

 the way you’re relating to it.


If you can shift the way you’re relating to your anxiety

(hostage/terrorist dynamic) you can begin to experience yourself

as empowered rather than at the mercy of it.


Before we transform something, we must stabilize it.

When our physiological environment is calm,

we are able to shift out of emergency mode, drop down, get curious

and actually hear what our bodies are trying to tell us.


For most of us, by the time the anxiety subsides, we don’t want to investigate it. 

We just want to put an anxiety attack in the rear view and do everything in

our power to make sure it doesn’t come up again.

However, what we avoid in our lives grows stronger.

Whatever we’re not listening to starts to yell louder.



I am safe in this present moment.

A protective, nurturing life force breathes through me at all times.

It is my birthright to live in peace.

Rooting for you!


As you begin transforming your relationship with anxiety,

identifying with it less, stabilizing the physiological

experience of anxiety through breath work and meditation,

you will become more available to receive the message

your anxiety wants to relay. You can also work with

mantras to support your healing process.

A mantra is like a phone number you memorize in case

you ever get into trouble and need to make a call.

Here are a few you can memorize

or use as inspiration to write your own.

Any time you feel the onset of an anxious thought

or anxious response in your body, repeat your mantras internally.

They give your brain something much more healing to hold onto:

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