In the context of sports, a coach is someone with a play book whose role is to guide, root, support and nurture an athlete. It is no wonder that in the broader context of life, where the field is much bigger, the goal posts are hard to find at times and the opposition can feel brutalizing, we are seeking coaching and support more than ever before. We are seeking guidance. We are seeking to be seen and heard and understood. We long to feel connected. We are lonelier and lonelier as the modern world grows more complex around us.

This need for support, for a sounding board and for attuned understanding is especially profound when we’ve arrived at one of the great intersections in our lives like losing a job, ending a relationship or experiencing the death of a loved one. These are our reckonings. When the way we were living or the direction we were heading no longer serves us and we are not content any longer to numb ourselves, pretend all is well or white knuckle our way through.

Reckonings are of particular interest and passion to me. I like to go deep in my work with my clients. I see vast opportunity for growth at the crossroads where facades are peeling back and things are starting to get real. This is also why I often refer to myself as a soul coach. I recognize the difference between the personality and the soul. I have experienced the frustration first hand of spending significant amounts of time, energy and money in therapy but mainly staying at the level of the personality, never going below “the issues” to where real transformation is possible. In the work I undertake with my clients, we are not aiming to fix a problem. We are creating a safe space for the feelings and the deeper knowing to surface. From this place, the roadmap, the way forward, begins to present itself.

I come from a multi-faceted background of training and personal experience which includes studying the spiritual practices of Vipassana (mindfulness) practice from the Theravadan Buddhist tradition, Peruvian shamanism and aspects of the work of A.H. Almaas in The Diamond Approach. In my early thirties I also had the opportunity to flex my entrepreneurial muscle by co-founding and running an international brand. But most recently I have dedicated my focus to the realms of healing and spirituality, completing the Healer's Training program and an extended Mentorship Intensive with Elle Rosenthal, co-founder of Rising Fire and (currently) Coaching Cascadia.


My sessions are 60 minutes long and conducted via Skype which gives me the freedom to work with clients all over the world.


I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds. My sessions are conducted similarly to a traditional therapeutic model and I pay particular attention to language - to how you tell your story, which words you choose, patterns or self limiting beliefs. I tune in to energy, intuition and interpersonal dynamics very closely during our sessions. 



As we establish a deeper sense of trust and safety with each other the information we can glean and the revelations tend to reflect this depth as well. Trust and safety are the prerequisites for all healing in my opinion.


To set up a session please contact me directly at: maryawelch@gmail.com. Please also note: I do not participate with insurance providers. 



Your time is precious and so is mine. I ask that any cancellations be made within 24 hours of our set appointment, otherwise I will charge my full rate for the missed session. Exceptions can only be made in extreme circumstances, discussed between us. I appreciate your understanding.




To book an appointment or inquire further about my work, please email me: maryawelch@gmail.com


For public speaking bookings please email: lbdconsultingservices@gmail.com




To be clear, the nature of my work with my clients is based in deep, emotional connection and communication. The feedback I offer in this context is not a professional recommendation and not intended to replace medical, psychiatric or psychological directives. I am not a board certified therapist.

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