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A Day Is a Collection of Moments

For two days in a row this week, the sun was out gloriously in the morning and I announced: “It’s a beautiful day!”

Then by late morning the clouds set in. And I wanted to revoke my statement. It’s not a beautiful day. It’s a cloudy day.

These thoughts led to other thoughts: What is a day? It’s a collection of moments. It’s a sandwich with many layers and ingredients. Not a solid, static thing. And what qualifies as beautiful? Isn’t a gauzy, cloudy, soft gray sky beautiful?

How often are we projecting the future based on what the present looks or feels like?

Broad strokes and projections get us into trouble. We lose the details - the precision of what really is, what we’re actually experiencing.

When it comes to healing and self understanding, we are always seeking to chisel down to the truest essence of the feeling. “I’m upset” becomes “I’m frustrated” becomes “I feel betrayed” becomes “They didn’t listen to me” becomes “I didn’t listen to me.”

Now we’re at the root. Now we can pull it up and see it clearly, in the light of day.

Anytime you hear yourself speaking broadly or vaguely about how you’re feeling, see if you can take out the chisel and get down to the deeper, more refined truth. When we understand the root and the theme of our feelings, we’re empowered to shift them.

There are no unauthorized feelings. There are no ugly days. There are just frequencies we would prefer to vibrate with and types of weather we like better. We live inside of moments not days. And we have more power than we realize to shift out of suffering into acceptance and peace. One thought, one deeper knowing, at a time.

Your healing is my healing and my healing is your healing.

Rooting for you always! Mary

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