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Tips on Enduring the Unfolding Without Losing Your Mind

photo by: @zebrakadebra

Unresolved situations are hard for us to endure as human beings. We crave certainty and closure. We don’t like to wait or not know. It’s painful. In the same way that stretching into a pose and then holding it for a prolonged amount of time is painful.

How to wait gracefully when waiting feels excruciating is a question that comes up often in my sessions. It can feel like an impossible equation until we break it down and understand the situation a little differently.

First, we need to acknowledge where we’re coming from when we’re feeling impatient.

When we’re impatient we’re in our Egos. The Ego is heavily invested in time. "Are we there yet? Why aren’t we there yet? Have we made it yet? If we don’t make it by ____ age: it’s too late."

The Ego is often like a tantruming toddler; wanting what it wants, when it wants it and seeing nothing unreasonable about that whatsoever. And we feel the pressure of its demands and fits the same way an overtired mother in a long line at Target does. We hold it together and then at some point: we blow.

But there is another place to come from within ourselves. And that other place is our Soul.

The Soul and the Ego are like opposite poles. I often envision my Ego as the north pole - close to my brain, which is usually thinking too much :) I picture my Soul somewhere south, deep in my gut, behind my belly button - the part of me I’m usually not consciously connected to or optimally using to breathe fully in and out.

The Soul trusts the unfolding of life always and believes that all things are revealed to us in the exact right space and time continuum. The Soul is not in a rush. The Soul understands that what is meant for us finds its way to us and that what falls away is meant to leave our lives. The Soul also understands that every unfolding takes the time it takes and that pushing the river is a profound waste of energy.

There are different ways to wait.

I observe this on a regular basis. The bus will arrive when it arrives - this part is not within our control. We control HOW we wait. We can wait reading a beautiful, informative story, talking on our cell phones with a long distance friend, posting something meaningful to our feeds.

Or we can wait pacing, huffing and puffing and complaining - which increases tension in our bodies and derails our alignment with our high selves, our divine guidance.

When we’re able to round up our impatience and recycle it into faith we not only make our lives more merciful and meaningful in the present tense, we also set ourselves up to receive more magic because we are signaling to the universe that we are trusting the process.

We are dance partners with life. When we’re in trust we’re in flow. We’re moving effortlessly across the dance floor of our experiences, toward what we want most for ourselves.

Try one of these mantras the next time you’re freaking out, struggling to trust the unfolding and feeling especially short on patience:

  • It is safe for me to trust the unfolding of my life.

  • All things are revealed to me in the perfect time/space continuum.

  • My life is advancing for the sake of my highest good, always.

Your healing is my healing and my healing is your healing.

Rooting for you always! Mary

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