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You Know What To Do, You're Just Afraid

Hello friends,

Hope this finds all of you well. I'm moving my format from weekly newsletters to weekly blog articles in an effort to consolidate where and how my writing takes place. Maybe you can relate to the dispersed, disorganized feeling I've been feeling lately if you've ever struggled to gather the threads of your work and streamline what you do?!

The process actually got me thinking about the topic that became this week's offering...

Morning dew doesn’t resist the momentum of lifting up toward the sky, burning off in the early light of day, turning to mist on the surface of the river. It doesn’t insist: “I’m dew, not mist”. It knows: “I am water. I am both and everything. I can take many forms.”

By the same token: you are not this or that. You are this AND that. You are this becoming that. And that becoming its next formation. You are water, changing form, limitless and possible. Pouring from one glass to another, moment by moment.

If you find yourself holding on and afraid to change because you’re identified with who you were in the past - even if the past was only yesterday - this is grasping. This is suffering. And not only does it hurt in the present moment, it hurts our future selves too, because the resistance to change blocks us from lining up with our destinies.

When we feel impossibly far from what we want for our lives it’s not because we don’t know how to get there. It’s because we don’t feel safe to make the changes that would allow us to move forward in the direction of our true heart’s desires.

We are not simply facing uncertainty. We are facing fear.

Remember, The Course in Miracles teaches: everything, when chiseled down to its essence, is either Love or Fear.

Your “problem” is never not knowing what to do. You’re just afraid to do what you know.

Consider what it would be like to give yourself permission, radical self permission, to investigate the fear below the surface and set yourself free. Consider what it would be like to let this be your work. And to let it take place on the soul-level instead of the strictly pragmatic one.

To-do lists, right action, goals and vision boards are all wonderful. But if we don’t understand our fears we will spend our precious life force energy dancing with the notion of a thing rather than truly surrendering to becoming it.

There is a difference.

See if you can feel it inside your own experience.

With love till next time,

Mary :)

PS: if you received a copy of this post twice tonight pls forgive me! I'm still ironing out the wrinkles and my IT skills are somewhere in the 1997 zone...

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