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Working with Mary has easily been one of the best decisions of my life to date. There is no exaggeration behind that statement. She has so generously and gently held up a mirror and guided me through the beginning of my healing process. Her earnestness and eagerness to help is genuine and compassionate. Mary doesn’t beat around the bush- she isn’t afraid of pointing out the darkness, the deeper, gut-wrenching truths that live under the surface and I find this to be so refreshing in a world of patronizing therapy. She has helped me see my own strength, and challenged me to live bigger, to believe that I can overcome some huge obstacles, and has encouraged me to stay in my feelings, to be present and to give room and breath to things I would otherwise strangle and suppress. I am so incredibly grateful to benefit from her true gifts and I can only hope that more people take the leap and dive into their heart-work with Mary.

Sarah G

It's amazing to work with someone who gets it. There isn't a wasted moment in our sessions. I look forward to our sessions even when they're intense. I feel like I'm actually changing and healing.

Joe P

Mary Welch is as extraordinary practitioner. Among her many gifts, perhaps the most valuable for her work is Mary's gift of clear sight. She can see deeply into situations and people and uses this clear seeing to support clarity in her clients. Thanks to Mary's enormous capacity for compassion, her fierce intelligence and graceful wisdom, she's able to provide this support in the most nurturing and skillful way possible. Mary is also one of the most beautiful writers and speakers I know. Her use of language as a tool for insight and inspiration has had a powerful influence in my life.

Meghan W

Mary points things out to me that I've never thought of before. I felt real shifts in how I'm feeling about my career and the future. I feel a kind of hope and excitement about my ability to advocate for myself that I didn't know I could feel. I'm very grateful for our work.

Beth C

I have been told many times that the way to get past a difficult time in life is to go THROUGH it.  The goal is to walk away from the experience with added insight. When I first started working with Mary I was navigating a very difficult time in my life and up until then, I was pretty much going it alone. There were times I was unsure about what I was doing or whether or not I was making any real progress. The moment I started working with Mary, it was if someone provided lighting in what was before a very dark and narrow path. She provided a safe and loving space to help me navigate the challenges and lean into the experience so as to come out on the other side with lessons and experiences that I’ll carry forth throughout my life. Mary is a gift and a healer. Her ability to accurately pinpoint exactly what’s happening and then to communicate that in a way that creates an impact and motivates results is incredible.

Corinne P

From the very first session, Mary's positive energy and curiosity helped me open up my soul pretty instantly. That was intense and she made me feel at ease with my feelings. I felt like I could trust her immediately and have felt that way since. She is authentic, dependable and sums up each conversation in a way that helps continue the conversation each time we meet. I am very grateful to have met her and am excited to continue working with her!

Jessie C

If you feel ready to go deeper with your healing work and stop making the same self sabotaging moves, Mary is your woman!

Stephanie H

I am grateful to Mary for giving me the space and the support to feel some of the feelings I wasn't letting myself experience before. I started noticing changes in the way I was making decisions for myself right away after we began working together. I'm more connected to what feels true and right for me. This has been a huge blessing.

Peter S

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