Working with positive affirmations and solfeggio frequencies is such a powerful way to support the changes we seek to make in our lives. The combination of empowering statements, calibrated with specific hz frequencies to open the heart and mind has been a game changer in my personal healing journey - that’s why it’s felt so important to be able to share these resources with you now!

You can download and listen to your guided meditations as often as you like. They can be a part of whatever daily spiritual practice you may already have or you can listen to them more casually - like background music while you’re doing the dishes! I like to take them with me on dog walks or listen in bed upon first waking.

The beauty of affirmation work is that we can trust the subconscious mind to hear what it needs to hear and incorporate those ideas into a deeper self understanding, without any kind of heavy effort on our part. Maybe this is why people who engage in this work regularly think of it as magic!

The more we expose the subconscious mind to positive affirmations, the more ingrained and familiar they become. In time, believing that we are worthy of a beautiful life and amazing outcomes seems completely realistic and natural for us.

I hope you’ll fully enjoy your purchase and benefit from it profoundly. Don’t forget, I also have a weekly podcast: Love Notes from a Soul Coach to support your path of healing with deep dives into a whole myriad of topics about healing and what gets in the way of our healing. Please check it out if you’d like to stay connected!

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