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The writing teacher Al Watts once said: “The purpose of every story is to reveal a transformation.”


Your life is your story. It wants to reveal a transformation to you. 


But it requires your cooperation. 


Because, even though you may not always consciously realize it, you are the author. You are the one with the pen and the power. You are the one making decisions for the lead character every single day.


Which way to go at the fork in the road?

Sweep that big fat truth under a rug or embrace it?

Quit the job/relationship/endeavor or go deeper in?


When we feel confused or overwhelmed or our lives aren’t working optimally it’s because there is something we’re not fully understanding or seeing clearly. 


My work is to listen, hold space for you and lovingly raise up the mirror.


In a safe environment, when we feel understood and well received, we can know ourselves through a whole new perspective. Change and progress and transformation become possible where they never felt like true options before. 


This is exciting, profound, life changing work. And it’s my greatest honor to share it together.

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