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I'm after transformational healing, not incremental changes.


Many of us enter therapy seeking deep change and end up disappointed. 


Why is this? 


Traditional therapy tends to take place at the level of the personality, where it’s all too easy to reinforce our problems and our stories about our problems in the telling and retelling of them. 


Transformational healing works on the deeper level of the soul, where we have the chance to know ourselves in a spiritual context and ultimately: set ourselves free from our suffering. 


My work as a healing practitioner is devoted to understanding the difference between these two, the personality (ego) vs the soul, and to transform pain into personal empowerment with each of my clients through the practice of active, reverent listening, reflecting and a mixture of spiritual + pragmatic guidance and feedback.




I come from a multi-faceted background of training and personal experience which informs my work meaningfully. This includes a 25 years long Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation practice from the Theravadan Buddhist tradition, completion of the Medicine Wheel with the shamamas at Rising Fire in Portland, Oregon and completion of the Healer's Training program + extended Mentorship Intensive with Elle Rosenthal, founder of Coaching Cascadia.


I am currently studying with Esther Perel through her Sessions program for coaches and therapists and learning A Course In Miracles with Marianne Williamson online, in addition to being a member of Caroline Myss's online spiritual training program as well.


My sessions are 60 minutes long, conducted in person from my office in New York’s Hudson River Valley or virtually, which gives me the freedom to work with clients all over the world.

Please Note: 


The nature of my work with my clients is based in deep, emotional connection and communication. The feedback I offer in this context is not intended to replace medical, psychiatric or psychological directives. I am not a board certified therapist and do not participate with insurance providers.


Cancellation Policy: 


I ask that any cancellations be made within 24 hours of our set appointment, otherwise I will charge my full rate for the missed session. Exceptions can only be made in extreme circumstances, discussed between us. I appreciate your understanding.

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Thanks for reaching out!

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