Genuine Acceptance is Not the Same as Resignation

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What is the difference between acceptance vs resignation?


When we authentically accept something in our lives, we can have peace with it. And through peace, we find inner freedom - which is the aim of all healing.


Acceptance doesn't mean we're happy about what's happened. It means we are not willing to rail against it any longer or waste our precious life force energy resenting it or demanding it be any different than exactly how or what it is.


Resignation is like fake acceptance. We haven't neutralized the deeper feelings yet. Resignation is more like enduring a situation or bearing it. There's a weight there. There's a heaviness that gets in the way of our deeper healing.


Whatever we refuse to accept we have to carry. Like heavy luggage that never gets checked and won’t fit in the overhead bin. We have to manage it. We have to hold it on our laps and then we have to lug it around with us. We can’t transmute it because we haven’t acknowledged it. We can’t work with it because we’re denying it.


Tune in to the podcast today to learn more about HOW to accept what is difficult to accept in our lives and why this particular spiritual muscle matters so much.


Hope you're all thriving in the upside down, finding time for what you love and walking the path with ease today.