How to Interpret Our Struggles

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Have you ever noticed the subtle difference between what's happening in our lives vs the story we tell ourselves about what's happening in our lives?


We don't just experience our circumstances. We interpret them.


And this is especially helpful to be mindful about when it comes to our struggles. Because a hard time is hard enough. When we lay a disempowered storyline on top of a struggle, it can feel downright unbearable.


A big part of healing is recognizing how much influence we have over our own thoughts, mood, perspective. Embracing this moves us out of victimhood toward autonomy and genuine joy.


These are themes we're exploring on this week's podcast. We're picking up where last week's show left off - looking a little more deeply at the phenomenon of how difficult times often precede beautiful times and how important it is to trust that even when the way is not clear or the money isn't flowing yet for the work we love or there is loss along our path we must endure, we can still move forward with faith in our purpose, building new muscles through resistance training.


I hope you'll tune in and let me know what you think!


Sending lots of ease, support and healing your way this week,