Life Advice That Actually Works

life advice quotes to live by spiritual journey

There's something I've witnessed in myself and others over time: if advice isn't actionable, it can add to our despair. Because it compounds an already hard situation when we want to make something better but we can't figure out how - even when we've been given the feedback.

Advice has to be clear. It has to be practical to our lives - otherwise it's just hollow talk and platitudes. And those can leave us feeling even more lonely than silence sometimes.
Many of us fall into the trap of judging our pain.
We think we "should" be over it by now, feeling better, know what to do.
But the truth is, not only is healing nonlinear, it can be downright swampy at times. When we understand how our human psychology works, in concert with the needs of the Soul, we can begin to move out of stuck position into flow and feel some genuine relief.
This is the topic of today's podcast - turning vague spiritual directives into actionable steps forward so we can feel authentically better and empowered in our lives.
You can listen here and reach out to me on Instagram @marywelchofficial anytime to let me know what you think of the podcast if you'd like. I'm always interested to know if there are specific topics you'd like me to cover.
Thank you for all the loving support so far on this podcasting journey! We are building something beautiful together :)