What Stops Us From Loving Ourselves More?

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Today’s show, (episode number 4 on the Love Notes From a Soul Coach podcast), is about what gets in the way of us loving ourselves more.
This topic is especially dear to my heart because I know all too well the trap that we find ourselves in as humans. When we’re children, it isn’t safe for us to hold our caretakers responsible for their shortcomings or, in some cases, their outright abuse. We need, as a biological imperative, to believe in them as safe, sane people flying the plane.
As a result, we often make ourselves at fault for what’s happening in our environment. In this way, we feel a bit more in control of otherwise out of control circumstances. Blame becomes a surrogate for agency. This is a psychological coping style that keeps us alive but takes a huge toll on our mental and spiritual health.
As we grow up, and our sense of self deepens, if we neglect to investigate and challenge this early imprinting and separate out the projection from our true self, we wind up missing the critical difference between who we think we are vs who we actually are, on the level of the Soul.
We struggle to love ourselves because we don’t really know who we are, how valuable we are and how worthy we are of our own love and support.
A Course in Miracles teaches: what is not loved is not properly understood.
When we suffer in our lives, it is not because something is inherently wrong with us. It’s because something is often profoundly misunderstood within us.
Take the journey with me in episode 4 as we peel the layers back and call in some clarity. I cooked this one up for you with extra love.
Truly hope you enjoy and look forward to next time!