The Real Reason it's Hard to Heal From a Breakup

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The real reason break ups are so acutely painful is not simply because we miss the other person or we regret the end of the relationship.

It's because break ups activate the universal wound of abandonment in us.
Tune in to episode 6 of the podcast today to understand this more deeply. I'm also sharing tips on how to support yourself in recognizing the difference between being alone vs being lonely - they are not the same thing! So much of the difference comes down to the narrative we're telling ourselves.
When we have a deeper understanding of our pain, we can create a context and a framework to support ourselves through it. The truth is, all things are inherently connected. So in many ways, as Tony Robbins once said: loss is imaginary. Can we hold a wide perspective on our pain while also taking practical steps to make it less unbearable?
That was the question genuinely on my heart when I recorded today's show.
Every loss in our lives also brings space and opportunity to make changes, know ourselves more intimately and live more optimally. Part of growing our emotional intelligence involves being able to hold more than one truth simultaneously. We can hurt and acknowledge that we're having the experience which is most necessary for our spiritual evolution right now.
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