The Right Words at the Right Time

healing loneliness inspiration quotes to live by

The right words at the right time can radically shift our understanding of ourselves and our circumstances.


This is why all good writers are good readers and why our stories matter so much.


I'm a passionate collector of quotes, as many of you know! I shared another batch of my favorites on the latest episode of the podcast. You can tune in here to listen and reflect with me :)


Spring is in the air! It's a great time for taking stock and getting intentional. Astrologically, Aries season (which we've just entered!) is considered the beginning of a new year. So wherever you've landed post Jan. 1, with your wishes and your vision for your life, give yourself the gift of reconnecting with that deeper part of you and look for ways to inspire and support yourself as you actualize the life you want to be living.


Sending lots of encouragement and kindness your way!


Till next time...