Time is a Field

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At the closing of a year, there’s a lot of talk about “time”. Especially in the context of the pandemic which has thoroughly disrupted and sidelined our typical lives in a way that feels as though whole years have been torn, like pages from a book, and tossed in the bin.
We struggle to be sure what happened when these days. We say: “It’s all a blur.” I saw a meme about the phenomenon of still digesting 2019 as 2022 is already, somehow, about to begin.
This is a theme in healing too. We give a lot of focus to the construct of time. We say: “Time heals all wounds” but that’s not exactly true, is it? It’s not “time” that heals us. It’s what we do with the time.
We say things like: “I need to find time…” or “I’m running out of time…” or “I’ve wasted so much time…” But in reality, all we can ever actually do with time is choose how we live inside of it.
We don’t “spend” time. We don’t “make” time. We spend energy and we make decisions. And both of these factors determine a joyful, satisfying life from a disappointing one.
Time is the football field, not the referee. Not the enemy player. Not the ball moving in the right or wrong direction. Not the number of goals scored or missed. Not the fans sitting in the seats, rooting or booing; having passionate opinions. Time is just the container in which all the action takes place. It’s neutral. We’re the ones that ascribe and project attributes onto it.
Time isn’t “racing by” or “dragging along” or “lost”. We are. It is always an abstraction to say: “I don’t have a lot of time.” We don’t own time. What we are responsible for, in any given moment of our lives, is our attention and where we choose to direct it.
Remember: the Ego loves time. When we feel ourselves obsessing over time squandered or time whipping by, what we’re really talking about is not the measure of how much we’ve done/not done. Those feelings just invite grandiosity or regret - more Ego junk.
What we’re getting at, when we dwell on time, has more to do with alignment than accomplishment or loss.
The aim of our lives is to live in alignment with our Soul’s purpose. When we do, our consciousness of time goes away. There is only right now. We don’t have to paddle frantically. We’re in the current. We can float and allow ourselves to be delivered to the shore we’re meant to reach.
A million times a day we slip out of the current. A million times a day we can nudge ourselves back in. We are never more than a nudge away from alignment with our Souls and all the mercy, love and forgiveness that lives there.
If we thought more about that nudge than how fast or slow time seems to be moving, we could live with an abundance of peace and empowerment. A Course In Miracles teaches that our thoughts are either bringing us to Hell or to Heaven. Not in some end game, final destination way, but in this very moment.
Moments are where we live. Not years. Not even days or hours. To challenge these constructs and push up against them is to rock the boat of our perceived limitations and capsize ourselves back into the current, back into alignment with our highest, holiest selves.
Let 2022 be your year of sustained alignment and let this very moment be the gateway for your awakening.