What is a Tower Moment?

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Have you ever been through one of those times when everything kinda... falls apart? Where it feels like Life found a loose thread and just pulls and pulls until the whole garment has thoroughly unraveled?

Sometimes this is referred to as a "Tower moment" - which is a nod to the Tarot, where the Tower card represents Death.
But not so much Death in the literal sense.
More like the Death or Ending of a specific experience or relationship or era in your life.
Tower moments are about the connection between Destruction and Creation. We often forget about other side of the coin when everything is burning down around us. But all endings contain within them a beginning. All wipe outs bring spaciousness.
When we can remember the other side of the equation - or, as I call it: the other half of the sentence - we are able to feel empowered in the face of our loss.
So instead of saying: "Everything is falling apart" - we can stretch the sentence to include the deeper truth: "Everything is falling apart so that something new can come through."
Today's episode of the podcast is all about perspective hacks like this one. I hope you'll take a listen and feel supported if you're going through your own Tower moment of sorts right now. These are wobbly times and you are not alone!
Till next time friends :)